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Tincture:  Approximately 30 servings per bottle.  Use Tincture sublingually (under the tongue) as needed for fast-acting, “on-the-go” relief from headaches, stress, anxiety, and minor aches & pain.  

Our Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) Tincture products are created using our full spectrum hemp oil and diluted with medium chain triglycerides (MCT). These products are designed for sublingual application. Our PCR tinctures can also be formulated with specific isolated terpenes, terpene blends, as well as our water-soluble liquid.

Active Ingredients: 500mg Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oil.  Approximately 17mg CBD per serving.

Inactive Ingredients:  Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) and Peppermint Oil for flavor

Dosage: Half to Full dropper, 1-2 times daily.

Attributes:   THC-Free * Full Spectrum Profile * Organically Grown Hemp * Manufactured in USA

6 reviews for CBD Tincture

  1. Cynthia Patrick (verified owner)

    I love this product!! I have been using this for almost 3 months and it’s a winner for me!! I have knee pain, due to an injury, and this product has given me the relief I need to continue my daily acitivities. When I wake up in the morning with pain, I take a dropper full of the CBD Tincure Oil and I find relief within minutes!
    I do not like to take prescription medication for pain and having this as an alternative is the best thing ever!
    I highly recommend!!

  2. John Strange (verified owner)

    This product was an answer to our prayers. We use this to get a good night sleep by placing one dropper full under our tongues at night and let it just soak in…the taste is great and the sleep is finally uninterupted. If you have troubl;e waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep, you owe it to youreself to get the best and give it a try. Well worth the investment, especially when purchased from this trusted source!

  3. Yolanda Dorman

    Thank you chronic pain on my knees and Sciatica pain level went down from 8 to 3 since I started taking the tincture and the gel with curcumin.

  4. Lori S.

    Mid life aches, pains and hormonal changes have taken a toll on my husband and I and a good night sleep is a true rarity. A few months ago we were introduced to Holy Hemp Health and have been using the tincture, softgels and balm. WOW, the results have been wonderful for us and we are most thankful!

  5. Dave Ralston

    I have been surprisingly pleased with the effectiveness of the CBD Tincture oil. Occasionally ,at the end of the day when I get home from work I will be stiff, sore and have lower back pain .It takes the edge off the pain and gives my muscles a chance to loosen up and relax . I feel much better in a very short period of time . 5 STARS

  6. Amy A. (verified owner)

    Both my father and I want to say thank you. Because of your product we’ve both are doing so much better than we ever expected.

    In my father’s case, he was informed that if he ever had back surgery he would be paralyzed. He has been in extreme pain for a long time. He was taking multiple doses of over the counter pain medication and nothing worked. The pain started to interfere with his sleep which started to change his personality. Since he has started your product, we have our father and my mom has her husband back. He is resting better and the pain has let up enough that he is smiling and joking around more again. We’ve missed this side of him. My mom cried because it’s been a long time since Dad’s been calm and joking around. He is more enthusiastic than he has been in years. So much more relaxed and at ease then he has been in a really long time.

    In my case, I’ve has nerve and joint pain since I was a teenager. I’ve never let it slow me down, but in the past five years it has gotten much worse and I started to lose my freedom. My independence. I’ve been taking/over dosing on over the counter pain medications just to try and make it through the day. I haven’t been able to walk my dog or help with chores. I couldn’t hold my new nephew without having someone sitting next to me or a lot of pillows for support. I couldn’t even go shopping without crying. I couldn’t even climb the stairs to go to bed at night. I’ve gone through thousands of dollars in tests and scans and nothing ever showed. My freedom was being diminished daily and it was effecting my mental health. Now, I have my freedom back. I’m out gardening with my husband. I’m hanging out with my family more AND I can chase my nieces and nephews again. I’m sleeping better. I’m feeling more, I guess, normal pain. That good ache from working out that I’ve been told people feel. I cried that first time I could lift something heavier than a spoon. I have not had to take ANY over the counter pain medications since I’ve started your product.

    I know we will never know how your product works but it’s been a nice, natural, safe God send. It’s like it’s smoothing overactive nerve endings that have completely misfired. I thank the Lord since we’ve found your product. You’ve help my father and I get back to who we really are. We are getting our lives back.

    Thank you all and God bless.

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